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    +972 55-704-5840
    Беларусь г. Бобруйск, ул. Советская 97 (гостинеца Бобруйск) офис 47

Rent terms

Rent terms


● The car is available for hire, subject to travel only on public roads, on hard concrete or asphalt pavement.
● Only the lessee can manage the transport without transferring it to third parties or subletting.
● The route of movement is limited by the administrative-territorial borders of the Republic of Belarus.

Payment: you can make cash when renting a car, or transfer the required amount in any convenient way.

Requirements for the driver


● Presence of driver's license - category "B"
● Driving experience - at least a year
● The presence of honey. Help (no contraindications for driving a car)


● Citizens of the Republic of Belarus - provide a passport, driver's license, voucher.
● Foreign citizens - a residence permit and a driver's license.

Provision and return of transport:

We work without days off - every day from 9 to 21 you can either receive or return the car.
The car can be picked up and returned to the office in the city center, at the address: Bobruisk, ul. Sovetskaya 97 (hotel in Bobruisk),
Important! If the lessee can not return the car on time and the delay in time is more than half an hour (30 minutes), then it is necessary to notify the Landlord about it (the contact numbers are on the top of the site).

Each vehicle regularly undergoes comprehensive maintenance, which guarantees its serviceability, reliability and impeccable cleanliness. The car has everything you need: a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, an emergency stop sign, a spare, a jack, a balloon key. When returning the bundle must not be broken.
At registration of rent the corresponding contract including the certificate of reception-transfer is concluded. When returning, a full check of the technical condition of the car and the availability of the basic equipment is carried out.

Terms of payment:

● Only full prepayment
● The deposit is 100 Belarusian rubles. At the end of the lease term, the pledge is returned in full if the Tenant has not violated the terms of the contract.

The price does not include:

● Penalties
● Fuel price
● Parking costs

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